Former National Teams Coach in Fight of His Life

November 25, 2008

OTTAWA – Jim Ridley, the Manager of the 1988 Canadian Olympic Team and 1991 Pan Am Games Team is battling a bigger foe than any pitcher, or team he has ever faced.

The former Blue Jays scout and current scout with the Minnesota Twins is in hospital fighting for his life, battling cancer.

Baseball Canada asks that all of those who have had the privilege of being touched by Ridley over the years to send your best wishes to Jim and his family in this time of need.

Ridley is responsible for sending off several Canadians to begin their professional careers, including former national team members Paul Spoljaric, John Ogiltree, David Corrente, Rene Tosoni just to name a few.

Ridley is what many would consider a baseball lifer.  Among his aforementioned accomplishments in baseball, he was the coach of the Junior National Team from 1983-88, leading his club to a bronze medal at the World Junior Championship in 1983 in Johnstown, PA and again in 1987 in Windsor, Ontario.

So when you get a chance, offer your encouragement over to Jim as he offered to so many young players over the years.



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